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Arterial traffic signal optimization: A person-based approach, Christofa, Eleni, Ampountolas Konstantinos, and Skabardonis Alexander , Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, 02/2016, Volume 66, (2016)
Benchmarking wide swath altimetry-based river discharge estimation algorithms for the Ganges river system, Bonnema, Matthew G., Sikder Safat, Hossain Faisal, Durand Michael, Gleason Colin J., and Bjerklie David M. , Water Resources Research, 04/2016, Volume 52, Issue 4, p.2439-2461, (2016)
Bromide oxidation by ferrate(VI): The formation of active bromine and bromate, Jiang, Y., Goodwill Joseph E., Tobiason John E., and Reckhow David , Water Research, 05/2016, Volume 96, p.188-197, (2016)
Censored at the nanoscale, Lau, Boris, and Butler Caitlyn , Frontiers in Microbiology, 02/2016, Volume 7, Issue 253, (2016)
Directional effects on the reliability of non-axisymmetric support structures for offshore wind turbines under extreme wind and wave loadings, Wei, Kai, Arwade Sanjay R., Myers Andrew T., and Valamanesh Vahid , Engineering Structures, 01/2016, Volume 106, Issue 106, p.68-79, (2016)
The effects of climate change on seasonal snowpack and the hydrology of the northeastern and upper midwest, U.S., Palmer, Richard N., Demaria Eleanora M. C., Roundy Joshua K., and Wi Sungwook , Journal of Climate, online 05/2016, (2016)
Effects of electro-osmosis on the physical and chemical properties of bentonite, Wu, Hui, Hu Liming, and Zhang Guoping , Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering , 08/2016, Volume 28, Issue 8, (2016)
Experimental Seismic Response of a Full-Scale Cold-Formed Steel-Framed Building. II: Subsystem-Level Response, Peterman, Kara D., Stehman M., Madsen R., Buonopane S., Nakata N., and Schafer B.W. , Journal of Structural Engineering, 08/2016, (2016)
Field and analytical studies of the first folded-plate girder bridge, Civjan, Scott A., Sit Man Hou, and Breña Sergio , Journal of Bridge Engineering, 05/2016, p.04016074-1-04016074-14, (2016)
Fluvial morphometry of supraglacial river networks on the Southwest Greenland ice sheet, Yang, Kang, Smith Laurence C., Chu Vena W., Pitcher Lincoln H., Gleason Colin J., Rennermalm Asa K., and Li Manchun , GIScience & Remote Sensing, 03/2016, Volume 53, Issue 4, p.459-482, (2016)
A framework for modeling contaminant impacts on reservoir water quality, Jeznach, Lillian C., Jones Christina, Matthews Thomas, Tobiason John E., and Ahlfeld David P. , Journal of Hydrology, 06/2016, Volume 537, p.322-333, (2016)
The future nexus of the Brahmaputra River Basin: climate, water, energy and food trajectories, Yang, Yi-Chen Ethan, Wi Sungqook, Ray Patrick A., Brown Casey, and Khalil Abedalrazq F. , Global Environmental Change, 03/2016, Volume 37, p.16-30, (2016)
Global instability induced failure of tall steel moment frame buildings, Gerasimidis, Simos, Deodatis George, Yan Yujie, and Ettouney Mohammed , Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities, 07/2016, (2016)
Hedging the financial risk from water scarcity for Great Lakes shipping, Meyer, Eliot S., Characklis Gregory W., Brown Casey, and Moody Paul , Water Research Journal, 01/2016, Volume 52, Issue 1, p.227-245, (2016)
Impacts of ferrate oxidation on natural organic matter and disinfection byproduct precursors, Jiang, Yanjun, Goodwill Joseph E., Tobiason John E., and Reckhow David , Water Research, 05/2016, Volume 96, p.114-125, (2016)
Intercomparison of remote sensing river discharge estimation algorithms from measurements of river height, width, and slope, Gleason, Colin J., Durand M., Garambois P.A., Bjerklie D., Smith L.C., Roux H., Rodriguez E., Bates P., Pavelsky T.M., Monnier J., et al. , Water Resources Research, 06/2016, Volume 52, Issue 6, p.4527–4549, (2016)
Laboratory assessment of ferrate for drinking water treatment, Goodwill, Joseph E., Jiang Y., Reckhow David, and Tobiason John E. , Journal American Water Works Association, 03/2016, Volume 108, Issue 3, p.E164-E174, (2016)
Manganese removal from drinking water sources, Tobiason, John E., Bazilio Arianne, Goodwill Joseph E., Mai Xuyen, and Nguyen Chuyen , Current Pollution Reports, 09/2016, Volume 2, p.1-10, (2016)
Microbial granulation for lactic acid production, Kim, D.H., Lee M.K., Hwang Y., Im W.T., Yun Y.M., Park Chul, and Kim M.S. , Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 01/2016, Volume 113, Issue 1, p.101-111, (2016)
NanoEHS – Defining fundamental science needs: no easy feat when the simple itself is complex, Grassian, Vicki H., Haes Amanda J., Mudunkotuwa Imali A., Demokritou Philip, Kane Agnes B., Murphy Catherine J., Hutchison James E., Isaacs Jacqueline A., Jun Young-Shin, Karn Barbara, et al. , Environmental Science: Nano, 01/2016, Volume 3, Issue 1, p.15-27, (2016)
Natural frequency degradation and permanent accumulated rotation for offshore wind turbine monopiles in clay, Carswell, Wystan, Arwade Sanjay R., Degroot Don J., and Myers Andrew T. , Renewable Energy, 11/2015, Volume 97, p.319-330, (2016)
A new partial distributed damage method for progressive collapse analysis of buildings, Gerasimidis, Simos, and Sideri Jenny , Journal of Constructional Steel Research, 02/2016, Volume 119, p.233-245, (2016)