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ECS Help Requests

When can I get help from ECS?

The ECS main office is staffed to receive your calls during opening hours. ECS staff members who can provide technical help are on duty during the same hours. You can report problems online and via email at any time. These requests will be processed as early as possible when ECS is staffed.

How to request help from ECS?

The first step in getting help from ECS is to let us know about it and provide the information necessary to help you. You can contact us via any of the following methods:

  • Preferred method for Faculty and Staff: 
  • Preferred method for Graduate and Undergraduate Students:
  • Alternatively, you can come by the ECS main office 

What happens after my ticket has been entered?

For a typical trouble ticket, you can expect the following steps to take place:

  • Once the ticket is in the system, it is assigned to the appropriate person(s) in ECS that have the right technical expertise to help you.
  • An ECS staff member will read your ticket, respond to you (assuming contact information was provided), and possibly ask for additional information.
  • The ECS staff member will work on resolving your issue. Please note that tickets within the area of responsibility of an ECS staff member are addressed in order. Thus, the staff member may not be able to address your problem right away because other tickets that were reported earlier are waiting to be resolved.

For urgent matters (e.g., outages that affect a large number of users), the order of ticket processing may be changed. Requests for help with services not provided by ECS (e.g., OIT accounts) may be redirected to the appropriate organization.


When a ticket is closed, an automated message with a link to a survey is sent to the person who requested help. This very short survey is an opportunity to provide feedback about the quality of the service provided by ECS. Anyone who would like to provide additional feedback, can contact the Associate Dean of Engineering (Graduate Studies and Operations), Tilman Wolf.