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Virtual Lab (VLab)

VLab provides remote access to computers that are set up with a variety of software used for engineering.


Please try our vastly simplified connection method: Begin by launching your remote desktop application. Simply connect to the host: ""

  • Windows:
    • Windows 7 - Start Menu -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Remote Desktop Connection
    • Windows 8 - Start Screen -> type "Remote Desktop" -> click on icon
  • Mac:
    A remote desktop client for Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later is available in the app store.

Client Software Inventory

Please note: PTC Pro Engineer and Ansys have not been installed on the virtual machines as we found both to be unstable due to slow video. We are hoping that an experimental 3D video driver from Vmware will make it into a future release, at which time we will be able to support those applications as well.

Installed software:

  • 7-Zip
  • Adobe Pro
  • AutoMod
  • Circuit Maker
  • Chrome
  • Mathcad Prime
  • Minitab
  • MS Office 2016
  • Orcad Family Release 9.2 Lite
  • PCAAD 7.0
  • Putty
  • SecureCRT
  • WinSCP

VLab Frequently Asked Questions

If you encounter problems - we can't help if we don't know! Please submit a help request.

What are my username and password for the VLab?

To log in to the VLab, use "campus\" and your OIT password.

Why isn't Pro-Engineer/[some software I really need!] installed in the VLab?

See the note above with the software inventory for the reason some specific software packages have not been installed on the VLab. Alternately, your software package may not be on the VLab because it has not been requested be anyone! We do have limited resources disk-space-wise, but will do our best to add your software request to our VLab image. Feel free to submit a help request. Do note that our deadline for software installation is the same as in the physical labs.