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Engineer Peers

The Equity & Inclusion Programs Office houses the Engineer Peers, who are always available to communicate with students.

Active Engineer Peers


Sarah AbrahamSarah Abraham
Biomedical Engineering, Junior

Hello! My name is Sarah Abraham and I am studying Biomedical Engineering with hopes that one day I will be designing prosthetic limbs and other robotic medical devices. I am a sophomore and in my free time I enjoy being outside and hanging out with friends. I have an on campus job at UMass IT as a Help Center Consultant so I am happy to answer any computer/tech questions you may have. I look forward to meeting you all and if you have any questions just ask!



Jennifer Andrews
Mechanical Engineering, Sophomore


Amanda BaturaAmanda Batura
Industrial Engineering, Sophomore

Hi! My name is Amanda Batura, I am a sophomore Industrial Engineering major. I am from Easthampton MA, and I am currently living in the Orchard Hill residential area on campus. Outside of classes I enjoy Knitting, reading mystery novels, and watching tv (mostly Anime) with friends. I also have an on campus job at the W.E.B Dubois Library information desk, feel free to stop and say hi if you see me working!





Aisha Ben-NetichaAisha Ben-Neticha
Electrical Engineering, Junior

Hi! My name’s Aisha. I’m a junior majoring in Electrical Engineering from Shrewsbury, Ma. I enjoy playing soccer, basketball and video games. I also enjoy reading drawing, swimming, and travelling. Netflix and PS4 are my best friends. My favorite superheroes are Iron Man and Spider-Man.


If you’ve made it this far, “sorry I annoyed you with my friendship” – Andy Bernard




Jasmine Bogle
Biomedical Engineering, Sophomore


Emily BrannEmily Brann
Mechanical Engineering, Sophomore








Benji CantonBenji Canton
Mechanical Engineering, Sophomore

My name is Benji Canton and I am a sophomore mechanical engineering major from Newton, MA. In my free time I enjoy running, hanging out with friends, and watching movies. I can be found at Worcester working the late-night shift.




Juliana ChoiJuliana Choi
Biomedical Engineering, Sophomore

Hi, my name is Juliana Choi and I am a sophomore majoring in Biomedical Engineering. I am from Stoneham, MA. Outside of studying, I love to draw, play video games, and spend time with friends. I also love dogs and playing tennis. In the future, I hope I can travel and explore the world more.







Matt DaniellMatt Daniell
Mechanical Engineering, Sophomore

My name is Matt Daniell, I’m a sophomore Mechanical Engineering major, and I’m from Dracut, MA. Outside of class, I love to watch most sports and I am a drummer. After college, I hope to be able to attend graduate school, but that’s a long way away.




Allison DavisAllison Davis
Civil Engineering, Junior

Hi! My name is Ally and I’m from Westfield, MA. I’m a junior majoring in Civil Engineering. I’m a part of the Seismic Design Team and highly recommend joining any of the design teams if you get a chance. I love to travel and hope to make that a large part of my future. The things I enjoy the most include dogs (especially my own), The Office, and the beach. If you see me around campus feel free to say hi! 




Ethan Dhamodharan
Civil Engineering, Junior

Hi, I’m Ethan Dhamodharan and I’m a junior Civil Engineering major looking to go into the field of general contracting/construction management. Outside of class I enjoy traveling, boxing, singing in the shower, and being social. After UMass I plan to live and work in a city doing construction and pursue an MBA at some point. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone and having a fun and productive year!



Allison EvansAllison Evans
Biomedical Engineering, Junior

Hi! My name is Ally Evans. I am a junior Biomedical Engineering Student. I am an active member of engineers without borders and the Biomedical Engineering Society on campus. I work in a lab on campus and as a tour guide for the College of Engineering. When I’m not doing homework, you can find me at sweets and More, at the hockey games, or at Chicken tender Thursday night at Worcester. After I graduate I plan to go to grad school and continue research in Molecular therapeutics.




Phoebe Father
Mechanical Engineering, Sophomore

Hi! My name is Phoebe and I am a sophomore mechanical engineer. I am from the Bay Area, California. I intend to use my engineering degree to help our only earth from pollution and natural disaster. Besides climate change, my interests are in photography and music! While I mainly like to listen to music and look at photography, I also enjoy making the two; they are my creative outlets.






Thomas GableThomas Gable
Mechanical Engineering, Junior

Hi, I’m Gable and I’m a junior MechE here at UMass. I’m from Weymouth, MA, but am currently living in Southwest. When not in class, I like to hit the gym or go out and try something new. If you ever hear someone playing “A Thousand Miles” on the pianos around campus, it’s probably me.





Jennifer GosselinJennifer Gosselin
Electrical Engineering, Junior

Hey, I’m Jenn. I’m a junior in Electrical Engineering. When I’m not studying I like to walk around campus, watch the UMass Hockey games, or sit on the hill and read. I’m a majore Potterhead and my Hogwarts house is Ravenclaw, which suits the whole, engineering always studying theme. Don’t worry though, you’ll still have time to hang out with friends and try out the intramural sports (which are a lot of fun!). Feel free to say hi to me!



William JeromeWilliam Jerome
Biomedical Engineering, Junior

Hello, my name is Will Jerome. I am a junior Biomedical Engineering major from Boston. I’m also a Pre-Med student at UMass. Over the summer, I was an EMT with Fallon ambulance services. I am also a huge Patriots fan and like playing pick up football when I’m free.




Harshvardhan Josi
Computer Engineering, Sophomore


Cyrus KarimyCyrus Karimy
Electrical Engineering, Junior

My name is Cyrus Karimy. My major is Electrical Engineering. I am currently a junior. I’m doing the five year program here (essentially I get my Masters in a year). I’m also pursuing my PhD after UMass. I’m going through many years of school because I want to become an engineering professor that also does research on the side. I love playing and watching soccer (Barcelona is my favorite team). I also ski and play tennis.





Sophia Kramer
Industrial Engineering, Sophomore

Hello! My name is Sophie and I am a sophomore, currently double majoring in Industrial Engineering and BDIC: Biomimicry and Natural/Sustainable Design. My dream is to travel around the world and redesign buildings to make them more eco friendly, more compatible with human use, and more darn beautiful! In my free time I am the Secretary and head of PR for the UMass chapter of oSTEM and have a job with a design and construction company based in my hometown of Maynard, MA. I’m a third gen Minuteman, so I know this campus like the back of my hand! Please don’t hesitate to ask for directions or just say hi! :)


Gregory Long
Mechanical Engineering, Sophomore


Snigdham Majumder
Computer Engineering


Sanjana ManghnaniSanjana Manghnani
Chemical Engineering, Sophomore

Hi! My name is Sanjana Manghnani and I’m a sophomore majoring in Chemical Engineering. I’m from Madrid, Spain and I live in Burlington, MA. I play on the UMass Table Tennis Team, and I am a member of CEPA. I really enjoy traveling, listening to music, and watching soccer.





Shaina McGillis
Industrial Engineering, Junior

Hi! My name is Shaina McGillis and I am studying Industrial Engineering. I am going into my junior year but this will only be my second year at UMass. I went to Butler University and was a dance major my freshman year! On campus, I am an active member of CHAARG and UMass Dance Company. I am excited to be an Engineer Peer and can’t wait to meet you all!





Celia Neveu
Mechanical Engineering, Junior

Hi! My name is Celia Neveu, and I'm a sophomore Mechanical Engineering student from Ludlow, MA. Some day I hope to work in the aerospace field. I spend most of my time hanging around the ducks at the pond, sipping bubble tea in downtown Amherst, and flipping quesadillas at Roots. I'm also a climbing instructor with the Boy Scouts of America and a member of Alpha Phi Omega, a co-ed service fraternity on campus. I'm really excited to meet new people this semester!


Subiksha ParthasarathySubiksha Parthasarathy
Biomedical Engineering

Hi! My name is Subiksha Parthasarathy and I’m a sophomore BME major! I grew up in Botswana (in Africa) and when I’m not studying I like to either be completely lazy and watch Netflix or I like to go on adventures. My future goal is to settle down in New York City.




Korey Patwari
Biomedical Engineering, Sophomore

Hi, my name is Korey Patwari. I am a sophomore BME major from Shrewsbury, MA considering dental school upon graduation. On campus, I am involved with the Biomedical Engineering Society and the Pre-Dental Society. Recently, I held BME related internships at Nypro Healthcare as well as ZOLL Medical. Baseball is a huge part of my life (I’ve been playing as long as I can remember) and I love watching the Red Sox. If I’m not doing schoolwork, I’m probably playing basketball at the Rec Center or watching Marvel movies. I will very happily talk about engineering, the Red Sox, or Marvel with anyone!


Gary Ren
Biomedical Engineering, Sophomore


Bucket ReesBucket Rees
Honorary Engineering Student

Hi! My name is Bucket. I’m an expert at giving hugs, and really good at helping on homework problems (my mom tells me I’m not really all that helpful, but for all the pats I get I must be good, right?). I love food, long walks in any weather, torturing my little sister by stealing her toys, and sleeping (preferably upside down). I’m good at mind control, especially for getting tasty snacks from unsuspecting targets - they can’t help but share. Did I mention I love food?! You can find me Friday afternoons in the Engineering CEI Hub.



Alexandra Shea
Biomedical Engineering, Junior

Hi, my name is Alexandra Shea. I am a sophomore studying Biomedical Engineering. Though homework takes up a lot of my time, when I am not studying, I am involved with many clubs and activities on campus. Currently I am the Co-President of the UMass Biomedical Engineering Society. I am also a part of the Engineers without Borders Kenya project along with being the Publicity and Recruitment chair for the chapter. If I ever find an open moment, I love to spend my time at the craft center.


Waymond SzetoWaymond Szeto
Mechanical Engineering, Sophomore

My name is Waymond Szeto and I’m a sophomore Mechanical Engineer. I’m from Malden, MA, and when I’m not doing engineering work I hang out with friends and eat at Worcester. I really enjoy traveling. I’m also a big Patriots fan and love watching motorsports.



McLean TaggartMcLean Taggart
Chemical Engineering, Sophomore

Hello, my name is Mclean and I am a sophomore studying chemical engineering on the pre-med track. I am from Florida but moved to Sandwich, MA when I was 11. I am a part of Engineers Without Borders, the Biomedical Engineering Society, and the Powerlifting team. If I’m not in class, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find me in the gym or at Worcester wolfing down chicken.




Hansen TjoHansen Tjo
Chemical Engineering, Senior

I'm a chemical engineering senior who enjoys pursuing the liberal arts. Outside of classes, I conduct research on the dynamics of polymer systems, work on academic projects as part of iCons, and tutor students in 'Intro to Chemical Engineering' as ExSEL Leader. Being an engineering peer, I am a strong advocate for the rigorous problem-solving skills learned through engineering.




Luan Vo
Electrical Engineering, Senior

My name is Luan, currently a senior and I come from Las Vegas, NV. I am living in Cashin, up in Sylvan Residential area. Aside from burying myself in heaps of works and projects, I enjoy playing video games and create my own text-based RPG games using python and java. My favorite pastime is to watch Nigahiga, Kurzersagt and SovietWomble on Youtube. Once in a blue moon, I also enjoy playing badminton for a change of pace.


Madelyn WrightMadelyn Wright
Electrical Engineering, Junior

Hey, I’m Madelyn and I’m a Junior in Electrical Engineering. Engineering is really a full-time major, but when I’m not studying like crazy I’m just hanging out with friends and eating loads of food. I am not very good, but I love rollerblading and I will shamelessly advertise $2 Tuesdays at Interskate 91 in Hadley.









Additional Peer Resources


Victoria Adams-ForneVictoria Adams-Forne
Civil Engineering / Math minor

Born in Spain but lived mostly in SE Asia. Interests: traveling, hiking/being outdoors, working out, film photography. Career Goals: be able to travel and live overseas for with the work I do.






Payton AndrewsPayton Andrews
Biomedical Engineering, Junior

My name is Payton Andrews I am a junior biomedical engineer. I am currently living in central and on the UMass Alpine Ski team. I have been able to ski since before I could walk and have also enjoyed the winter because of that. My goal once I graduate is to build prosthetic to help with para athletes throughout the world.






Daniel EmersonDaniel Emerson
Mechanical Engineering, Senior

Hi. My name is Dan Emerson and I am a senior Mechanical Engineering major. I am from Sandwich MA (on the cape). I mostly play soccer, but I also play Golf, intramural volleyball and disc golf. My favorite study spot on campus is the fourth floor of the ISB. My favorite ice cream flavor is coffee toffee, I like really spicy food, and I can make pretty good pizza.





Dillion MontiDillion Monti
Mechanical Engineering, Junior

My name is Dillion Monti, I am a junior pursuing a Mechanical Engineering degree and Engineering Management minor. I am from NJ, and I like frisbee and planes.







Nandini SivakumarNandini Sivakumar
Computer Engineering, Sophomore

Hi! My name is Nandini Sivakumar and I am a sophomore majoring in Computer Engineering. I did my middle and high school in India. I enjoy singing, playing piano, dancing and helping people whenever I can. I hope to pursue a career in cybersecurity. 





Thanathorn SukprasertThanathorn Sukprasert
Computer Engineering, Sophomore

Hello, I am Tammy. I am a sophomore Computer Engineering. I’m from Thailand. I enjoy taking photographs and watching movies. My favourite movie of all time is Star Wars. May the force be with you!




Abraham WaldmanAbraham Waldman
Chemical Engineering, Junior

My name is Avi Waldman, and I am a junior Chemical Engineering Major in the Commonwealth Honors College here at UMass. I am from Concord, MA, and I am on the Clubs Soccer team here, as well as being a research assistant in a lab, and a member of AIChE. When I am not studying, I enjoy hiking and relaxing with friends. After college, I am planning on attending graduate school.