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Equity and Inclusion: Dean's Advisory Groups

The Dean's Advisory Groups provide a platform for members of the college community to interact directly with Dean Sanjay Raman. Advisory group members are expected to provide thoughtful input on college climate, direction, needs and other topics as requested.

Six groups were established:

  • staff
  • undergraduate students
  • master’s students
  • PhD students
  • tenured faculty
  • untenured faculty/research faculty/post-docs.

Members were solicited through a nomination process, including self-nominations, which were reviewed by an impartial selection committee.

The advisory groups met with the Dean for the first time over the spring semester.

Students may also be interested in learning about the Engineering Mindfulness in Climate and Curriculum (EMC^2) committee.

Staff Members

Natalia Kolk, BME

Amity Lee, CHE

Christine Langlois, ECE

Dana Parsons, MIE

Julia Hoke, Dean’s Area

Jennifer Gazzil, UMTC

Dan Lawlor, ECS

(No nominations from CEE)

MS Members

Sydney Foster, CHE

Paige Liu, CHE

Abhishek Patil, ME

Sahana Natarajan Hariram, CE

Rishi Shukla, EE

No other nominations


Tenured Faculty Members

Yu Chen, BME

Sanjay Arwade, CEE

Wei Fan, CHE

Wayne Burleson, CompE

Neal Anderson, EE

Hari Balasubramanian, IE

Frank Sup, ME

Undergraduate Members

Brianna Harnden, BME

Aidan Provost, CEE

Hansen Tjo, CHE

Ananya Rao, CompE

Marcus Mei, EE

Gabriel Kieto Mahaniah, IE

Selena Cho, ME

Mary Gerace, JSES

Liz Lim, BME

Telvin Abariga, CHE

Grace Elliott, CHE

Sarah Widrow, IE

PhD Members

Cole Ferreira, BME

Anthony Brouillard, CHE

Mariam Alkattan, CEE

Akansha Bansal, CompE

Nagarjun Bhat, EE

Ron Colmon, ME

Bridget Benner, ME

Fangda Zhang, IE

Untenured/Research/Post-doc Faculty Members

Cathal Kearney, BME

Simos Gerasimidis, CEE

Dandan Xu, CHE 

Fatima Anwar, CompE

Amir Arbabi, ECE

Anuj Pradhan, IE

Juan Jimenez, ME

Apoorva Baja, research faculty

Nhu Nguyen, ME, post-doc