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Advising and Registration for Fall 2017 Courses

What is Registration?

Registration is your opportunity to plan your courses for next semester, meet with your advisor, and then register for classes. Because the engineering curriculum is structured, and courses are not offered every semester, it is extremely important to meet with your advisor during the registration period to discuss your progress.  After meeting with your advisor to select courses, register for them using SPIRE during your assigned enrollment appointment time.  Enrollment appointment times are as follows:

  • Seniors - April 3 - 4;
  • Juniors - April 6 - 7 ;
  • Sophomores - April 10 - 11;
  • Freshmen - April 13

When is Advising for Registration?

Dates and procedures differ in each engineering Department.  See your major’s (or your intended major if Pr-Engin) department-specific web pages for dates on when and how meetings and advising will occur and how to schedule an appointment.

Where do I pick up my Registration materials?

Please pick up registration materials (Course Selection Form and Curriculum Worksheet) in the Office of Student Affairs, 126 Marston Hall or from departmental offices.  Departmental office locations are:

  • Chemical Engineering – (outside of) 112E Goessmann
  • Civil Engineering – 226 Marston Hall
  • Electrical & Computer Systems – M5 (Marcus Hall, Room 5)
  • Mechanical & Industrial – (outside of) 208F ELab

Please pick up and complete all materials before meeting with advisors.   Your Department may ask you to also bring an unofficial transcript or academic requirements report (both can be printed in SPIRE). 

Where is my Academic Requirements Report? 

From your SPIRE student center, find the "other academic" dropdown menu on the left side.  Choose "academic requirements".  When you get the report, select "expand all" to see the requirements you have met and those you still need to fulfill.

Who is my Advisor?

The Advisor assigned to you is posted in your SPIRE account.  If you do not have an advisor, check in the Office of Student Affairs, Marston 126.

What if I miss Advising?

It is extremely important to follow the advising procedures set up in your department. If you do not attend your designated advising session, a HOLD will be placed on your SPIRE account.  You will be unable to register for classes and/or make changes to your schedule, until the HOLD is lifted.  HOLDs will be lifted at the time and discretion of your departmental Chief Undergraduate Advisor.

Who is the Chief Undergraduate Advisor in my department? 

The Chief Undergraduate Advisors/Undergraduate Program Directors are:

Chemical Engineering: Wei Fan,
Civil & Environmental Engineering: David Ahlfeld,
Electrical & Computer Engineering: Bill Leonard,
Mechanical & Industrial Engineering: James R. Rinderle,

I am a PR-Engin.  How do I get into my engineering major? 

Each engineering department has their own specific criteria for admission.  See Admission to the Engineering Major.

Questions?  Call or stop by the Office of Student Affairs, 126 Marston Hall, 413-545-2035.