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Advising and Registration Information for Civil Engineering Majors

CEE advising will be taking place remotely for Fall 2020 registration.  Your faculty advisor will be in contact with you soon, likely during or shortly after spring break to schedule a time to provide advice.  Advising will therefore take place remotely, either over the phone or through an online conferencing application.  (Zoom, Skype, etc.)  at a time that will be determined between you and your advisor.  Your advisor will indicate the mechanism by which advising will take place.

Please have a copy of your updated flowchart with you at the time of your meeting.  Students should prepare for the meeting with their advisor by having a list of courses they are currently taking and those they wish to take in the Fall.  Juniors should review their Academic Advisement Report (ARR) on SPIRE and bring questions about remaining course requirements with them to advising.

We are making every effort to minimize the impact to you and to your educational progress in this rapidly evolving and uncertain situation.  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact your advisor, Dr. Brena or Jodi.


Civil Engineering Requirements

All Sophomore, Junior and Senior students taking CEE classes should be CE majors. 

To be eligible to become a CE major, you must complete appropriate coursework and have earned grades of 'C' or better in the following courses: 

  • Math 131 & 132
  • Engin 111 (or equivalent)
  • Physics 151
  • Chem 111 or Physics 152
  • Englwp 112
  • 2nd Semester Engineering Intro Course Satisfying Major Requirements (CEE 121)

Students must retake any of these courses if they have not earned a C or better.  

Five hundred (500) level courses are open to undergraduates only if they are seniors (those within 30 credits of graduation) and have a minimum GPA of 3.0 or by consent of the instructor.



CEE Course Prerequisites

Fall 2020 Course Schedule

Fall 2020 Electives