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Advising and Registration Information for ME, IE students

Enrollment for Spring courses begins for Seniors on Monday, November 7 and for other students in the days that follow. Please see Spire for the time that your enrollment appointment opens. Beginning this fall, it will not be possible for you to enroll in classes until after you have met with an advisor and an advising hold has been lifted. The advisor you need to see before enrolling depends on your major.

  • Engin/IE and Engin/ME students should see an advisor in the College of Engineering Office of Student Affairs. You can find the name of your advisor on Spire. Pre-registration advising appointments will begin on Monday, October 17th and end on Friday, November 18th.
    Click here to schedule your appointment.
    Under “Select Service”, choose "MIE First Year Advising"; choose your advisor's name under “Select Advisor”.
  • IE students must see their faculty advisor. You can find the name of your advisor on Spire. Pre-registration advising appointments will begin on Wednesday October 26th  and end on Wednesday, November 2nd.  Faculty advisors will have registration appointment sign-up sheets on their doors. Students must return a copy of their Course Selection Form to Dorothy (ELab 208F) by Thursday November 4th to be cleared to enroll on Spire when the enrollment period begins.
  • ME students must see a Graduate Advising Assistant before being cleared to enroll for courses. The schedule for Pre-Registration Advising Appointments with Graduate Advising Assistant and the procedures for preparing for and making an appointment can be can be found here [pdf]. Although not required, ME students are also encouraged to meet with their faculty advisors, whose name can be found on Spire, to discuss open questions about their programs, their career paths or other topics.

Registration materials including course selection forms and hardcopy of registration notes can be found outside of Dorothy’s office, ELab 208F. The registration notes can also be found here.  When meeting with an advisor, students should have a copy of the PDF of their Academic Requirements Report (In SPIRE, go to "Other academics", then choose "Academic requirements") a flow chart annotated to show completed courses and courses in progress and a course selection form with the top part and current semester part completed.

Additional Notes on Advising:

  1. Please arrive at your advising appointment on time with a draft of next semester’s academic plan. The degree program flowchart and the MIE Department registration notes should be used to develop your plan.
  2. Discuss your proposed schedule with your Advisor. Let your advisor know of any problems you are having, questions you have, or advice you need.
  3. When the advising session is finished, both the Advisor and Student sign the Course Selection Form.
  4. The Course Selection Form is a plan based on a mid-semester discussion between Student and Advisor concerning the appropriate courses to take during the next semester. If your interests change, and depending on the grades you receive at the end of the current semester, you may need to change your plan and/or repeat courses. All changes should be discussed with your Advisor or with Dr. Rinderle.

Admission to the Major: 

To be admitted to the ME or IE major, a student must complete, with a grade of C or better, the following courses: Math 131 and Math 132, Engin 110 or 111 or 112 or 113; CHEM-ENG 120 or CE-ENGIN 121 or CS 121 or M&I-ENG 124; Chem 111; and Physics 151/153. A cumulative grade point average of 2.0 is also required.