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Engineering Management Minor

Application Available Online [pdf]

A note to all students interested in applying for the EMM:  It will take Julia up to three weeks to review your application.  If you are applying between semesters and intend to take an EMM course in the upcoming semester, please apply AT LEAST three weeks before the start of the next semester to give Julia time to review your application.

What is the Engineering Management Minor?

  • An interdisciplinary minor that provides engineering students with background in the areas of finance, accounting, marketing, and management.
  • Offered through the College of Engineering and the Isenberg School of Management.
  • Potential employers are attracted to students who are business savvy.
  • Students will acquire skills in decision making for the business environment.
  • Requires 15 credits, most beyond the courses taken for the engineering major.

Who qualifies for the Engineering Management Minor?

  • All full-time undergraduate engineering students who have completed two semesters, with a GPA of 3.2 or higher,  and have declared an engineering major. Given the limited number of slots available, admission to the minor is highly competitive.

What will I study?

The curriculum is divided into two parts:

1. Required Foundation Courses (12 credits) Select 4 courses from the following:

  • Principles of Management (MGT 301)
  • Introduction to Accounting (ACCTG 221)
  • Corporate Finance (FIN 301) *requires ACCTG 221 as a prerequisite
  • Fundamentals of Marketing (MKTG 301)
  • Introduction to Operations Management (OIM 301)

Note: no more than 2 courses may be taken outside UMass Amherst.  For any courses taken at another institution, prior approval must obtained from the ISOM Undergraduate Advising Office.

2. Capstone Course – select one course from the following (3 Credits, Required):

  • New Ventures (MGT 341)
  • New Ventures Financing (MGT 342)
  • New Ventures Organizing and Growth (MGT 343)
  • Foundations/Sustainable Enterprise (MGT 366)
  • Business and Its Environment (MGT 365)
  • Environmental Law (MGT 391E - Spr only)
  • Corporate Entrepreneurship (MGT 397R)
  • Marketing Management (MKTG 441-Spr only)
  • Financial Engineering (FIN 422 - MUST take FIN 304 in order to take this course)
  • Social Entrepreneurship (MGT 462- Fall only)
  • Alternative Investments (SCH-MGMT 508/797A1 - Fall only)
  • Advanced Investments (SCH-MGMT 507- Spr only)
  • Engineering Leadership & Entrepreneurship (M&I-ENG 597EL - now M&I-ENG 564; M&I-ENG 664 is also accepted)
  • Service Industry Operations (OIM 325)
  • Business Process Simulation (OIM 321)
  • Information & Project Management (OIM 451)
  • Special Topics - Sustainable Product Innovation (SCH-MGMT 597S)
  • International Management (MGMT 448)
  • Special Topics - Strategy-driven Engineering Innovation (MIE 697U)

Please note that you must have the required prerequisites in order to enroll in EMM capstone courses.  If you are missing a prerequisite for a course, either make plans to take the prerequisite or select another course.

3. Additional Recommended Courses

  • Economics 103 + 104
  • Business Electives (see ISOM advisor)
  • Engineering Electives (see Engineering advisor)
    • Engineering Economic Decision Making - MIE 353
    • CEE Systems Analysis - CEE 270

How do I apply?

  • Students who have completed 2 semesters and meet the requirements may apply.
  • Transfer students must complete 1 semester and meet the requirements may apply.
  • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.
  • Applications are available online
  • Submit completed applications via email to Julia Hoke:

For additional information, speak to one of the following advisors: