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Gazette Feature Spotlights Peyton’s Cancer Research

Shelly Peyton

Shelly Peyton

A feature story in the Daily Hampshire Gazette recently focused on the work of Shelly Peyton, chemical engineering, and her work developing chemotherapy drugs by studying how cancer cells respond to drugs in an environment that mimics human tissue. Peyton and her team of researchers create artificial tissues that realistically mimic various human organs, then test how cancer cells placed in these tissues respond to chemotherapy drugs. The Gazette article was inspired by a UMass News Office release.

The Peyton lab also studies the movement of the cancer cells from one type of tissue to another in an attempt to understand why different types of cancer cells are drawn to specific parts of the human body. Among other funding, Peyton has received a $500,000 grant from the National Science Foundation CAREER Program for the work.

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