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Joseph Bardin Wins IEEE Microwave Magazine Best Paper Award

Joseph Bardin

Joseph Bardin

Joseph Bardin, a professor in the UMass Amherst Electrical and Computer Engineering Department and a research scientist with Google Quantum AI, is the lead author on an article that has won the IEEE Microwave Magazine Best Paper Award, as presented by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)Microwave Theory and Technology Society. The award recognizes, on an annual basis, the most significant contribution from a paper published in IEEE Microwave Magazine.

The title of the winning paper is “Quantum Computing: An Introduction for Microwave Engineers,” and it was posted in IEEE Microwave Magazine,volume 21, number 8, pages 24 to 44, in August of 2020. In addition to Bardin, other authors of the paper include Daniel Sank, Ofer Naaman, and Evan Jeffrey, who are all affiliated with Google in Goleta, California.

As the winning paper explains, “During the past decade, quantum computing has grown from a field known mostly for generating scientific papers to one that is poised to reshape computing as we know it. Major industrial research efforts in quantum computing are currently underway at many companies, including IBM, Microsoft, Google, Alibaba, and Intel, to name a few.”

The winning paper goes on to say that “The European Union, Australia, China, Japan, Canada, Russia, and the United States are each funding large national research initiatives focused on the quantum information sciences. And, recently, tens of start-up companies have emerged with goals ranging from the development of software for use on quantum computers to the implementation of full-fledged quantum computers.”

According to the winning paper, “Despite this rapid growth and because quantum computing as a field brings together many different disciplines, there is currently a shortage of engineers who understand both the engineering aspects (e.g., microwave design) and the quantum aspects required to build a quantum computer. The aim of this article is to introduce microwave engineers to quantum computing and demonstrate how the microwave community's expertise could contribute to that field.”

The IEEE Microwave Theory and Technology Society (MTT-S) is a transnational society with more than 10,500 members and 190 chapters worldwide. The society promotes the advancement of microwave theory and its applications, including RF, microwave, millimeter-wave, and terahertz technologies. (August 2022)