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Knodler Tells WBZ TV About Five Unsafe Driving Habits in a “Perfect Storm” of Boston Traffic

Michael Knodler

Michael Knodler

A video report about bad driving behavior in Boston featured Michael Knodler, a professor in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department and the director of the UMass Traffic Safety Research Program, or UMassSafe. Appearing on WBZ TV CBS 4 Boston in May, Knodler explained five common rude and dangerous driving habits that can cause traffic safety issues.

Knodler was interviewed by WBZ traffic reporter Breana Pitts on May 17, and he used his expert’s experience to label five extremely inconsiderate and hazardous driving behaviors that we have all witnessed, at risk to life and limb, when venturing into heavy Massachusetts traffic.

As the WBZ report noted, UMass Amherst traffic engineering professor Knodler studies driver behavior. He says the sheer volume of cars on the road is to blame for most of our daily frustrations, but he agrees that bad drivers can make it even worse.

“They are trying to gain an advantage over every other driver, and so that certainly has an impact on traffic,” he explained.

As you can see by watching the TV spot, Knodler gave viewers a professional eye-view of such maddening conduct as tailgating, improper rotary merging, ignoring stop signs, yield signs and other rights of way, and further examples of drivers behaving badly.

“Some people are confused and not knowing what they are doing, and others [are] knowing exactly what they are doing and sort of exploiting the situation,” Knodler said. “It’s a perfect storm of bad interactions.” (June 2019)