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Media Cover $6,141,551 MassDOT Grant Received by UMass Transportation Center

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The Daily Hampshire Gazette has published an article about the $6,141,551 grant received by the UMass Transportation Center (UMTC) in the College of Engineering from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT). The large grant will support UMTC’s project to combine and run the state’s Local Technical Assistance Program, the Transportation Training Institute, and the Cooperative Research Program as one unit. The funding runs from February 2016 to the end of September 2018. Read UMass News Office release.

Michael A. Knodler, UMTC director and associate professor of civil and environmental engineering, says this new round of state funding allows the center to consolidate several programs under one umbrella and provides a framework to launch new initiatives. “This provides a closer, more specialized relationship between UMass Amherst and MassDOT,” Knodler says.

University officials say the consolidation is designed to foster innovation and speed up the implementation of new programs and ideas in the transportation sector.

The UMass Transportation Center also will provide research and support the Massachusetts Department of Transportation by making resources more accessible and providing training that benefits the state’s transportation infrastructure and industry. 

The Local Technical Assistance Program was established by the Federal Highway Administration to serve state and tribal governments with improving access to highway, road and street technology for local departments of public works, and highway departments. 

The Transportation Training Institute focuses on the development needs of engineering consultants while the Cooperative Research Program focuses on transportation research, technology transfer, and technology implementation. (April 2016)