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Smith Part of "Best Paper" Team

James MacGregor Smith of the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department was part of a research team that just won this year’s “Best Paper Award,” as chosen by the Computational Optimization and Applications (COAP) editorial board from the journal’s previous year’s (2008) articles. Smith shares the honor with co-authors Peter Hahn, Bum-Jin Kim, Monique Guignard-Spielberg, and Yi-Rong Zhu at the University of Pennsylvania for their paper "An algorithm for the generalized quadratic assignment problem," published in Volume 40, Issue 3, pages 351-372, of 2008. COAP is a peer reviewed journal that is committed to timely publication of research and tutorial papers on the analysis and development of computational algorithms and modeling technology for optimization. It examines algorithms either for general classes of optimization problems or for more specific applied problems, stochastic algorithms, as well as deterministic algorithms. (November 2009)