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Wiley-Blackwell Publishes Second Edition of "Wind Energy Explained"

The Wiley-Blackwell publishing house has just issued the second edition of the bestselling text book, “Wind Energy Explained: Theory, Design and Application,” by James. F. Manwell and Jon G. McGowan of the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (MIE) Department and former MIE Senior Research Fellow Anthony. L. Rogers.

“We are very excited about this!” says Manwell. “The second edition is a substantial expansion and upgrade over the first edition, and has taken a long time to complete.”

This second edition includes up-to-date data, diagrams, illustrations, and thorough new material on: the fundamentals of wind turbine aerodynamics; wind turbine testing and modeling; wind turbine design standards; offshore wind energy; and special purpose applications, such as energy storage and fuel production.

Fifty additional homework problems and a new appendix on data processing make the new edition perfect for engineering students. The book offers a complete examination of one of the most promising sources of renewable energy and is a great introduction to this cross-disciplinary field for practicing engineers.

Among many other positive reviews of the first edition, IEEE Power & Energy Magazine noted that it "provides a wealth of information and is an excellent reference book for people interested in the subject of wind energy." The International Journal of Electrical Engineering Education said that it "deserves a place in the library of every university and college where renewable energy is taught." Choice called it "a very comprehensive and well-organized treatment of the current status of wind power." (November 2009)