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Wind Energy Center Assessing Site on Mount Lincoln

The UMass Amherst Wind Energy Center's pre-development team has installed anemometry on the WFCR tower on Mount Lincoln in Pelham as part of a state-sponsored project to evaluate the wind resource and see if it’s feasible for UMass to install a wind turbine at that site. Depending on how favorable the resource is, UMass might install a 1.5-2 MW wind turbine that would supplement its new combined heat and power plant, making the campus even greener. The site is owned by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and located in the 1200-acre Cadwell Memorial Forest being managed by the Natural Resource Conservation Department. There are two communication towers on that site, one of which hosts WFCR’s transmission equipment, and a third tower located on Cowles Lumber land. The surrounding forest is a laboratory for research projects undertaken by the Natural Resource Conservation Department and others.

The Wind Energy Center is part of the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department. The center is currently conducting several wind resource assessment projects throughout Massachusetts, including sites offshore. The center is the U.S. leader in wind energy research and education. As the country's only institution offering master's and doctoral-level engineering programs specializing in wind energy, the UMass Wind Energy Center draws diverse and talented students. For more than 30 years, the center and its predecessor RERL have trained future generations of leaders in wind engineering. (May 2009)