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Protecting Hypersonic Jets at Mach 9

Former Milford high school student John Gabour is currently working on a project to help protect hypersonic aircraft, traveling at more than 7,000 mph, from the catastrophic problems caused by heat and related stresses. NASA is funding the mechanical engineering senior so he can identify new kinds of sensors to help monitor temperatures exceeding 5,000 degrees F, which build up on the leading edges of hypersonic jets.

Teamwork Between Engineers and Nurses Triggers High-tech Healthcare Inventions

AMHERST, Mass. – The College of Engineering and School of Nursing at the University of Massachusetts Amherst are forging an unlikely bond to develop new, high-tech, healthcare technologies as boons for both patients and medics. Doctoral industrial engineering student Yi You Mei is designing an electronic "dashboard" device that monitors falls in geriatric patients. While doctoral nursing student Kavita Radhakrishnan is developing an interactive "telehealth" service that gives bariatric (weight-loss) surgery patients and their healthcare providers around-the-clock access to each other.

Pittsfield Couple Infects Students with the Spirit of Giving

Pittsfield resident Nicholas Boraski never forgot the big break he got from the G.I. Bill in 1946. Now his own good fortune is paying off for the 170 engineering students who have received scholarships from the fund set up by Boraski and his wife, Ruth, in 1994. What’s more, the good deeds of the Boraskis are proving contagious, judging by how they are infecting the scholarship recipients. Each of the Boraski Scholars is “giving back” in one way or another.

New Fellowship Supports Teamwork Between Engineering and Nursing

AMHERST, Mass. – A new fellowship at the University of Massachusetts Amherst supports two graduate students in the College of Engineering and the School of Nursing so they can do collaborative research in the area of clinical health care. Dr. Michael Hluchyj ('76 B.S. Electrical Engineering) and Mrs. Theresa Hluchyj (B.S. School of Nursing) are supporting annual stipends of $25,000 each for one graduate student in the College of Engineering and one graduate student in the School of Nursing.


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