Dean's Message: April 2011

An ACE up Our sleeve

The new ACE (shorthand for “Awareness of College Excellence”) webpage is a one-stop site to celebrate the excellent faculty, students, alumni, research, and education at the University of Massachusetts College of Engineering. The site is all that and more. To find out, just click on College Excellence in the top left-hand corner of the college homepage. When you visit the ACE page, you can take a shortcut to all the latest stories about college excellence. Indeed, the ACE page is one-stop shopping for everything that makes us proud. It will not only give you a sense of déjà vu about the warm feelings you hold for the College of Engineering, but surprise you with wonderful things you didn’t know.

During the last year I have been trying to distill and articulate the essence of the UMass Amherst College of Engineering educational experience. What I see is that students come to the college with a strong desire to succeed. They are smart, motivated, and able. Many come from backgrounds with limited resources, and some are the first from their families to attend college. Their experience here in the College of Engineering is transformational in that it enables them to realize a “high delta” in outcomes. For countless alumni (including me), the UMass Amherst experience has been a “game changer.”

A powerful vehicle with which I am “trying to distill and articulate” the college experience is the ACE Campaign, a celebration of everything we do so well. One of my primary goals as the Dean at the College of Engineering is to draw more attention to the obvious excellence that exists here.

The ACE page is the embodiment of college quality. It serves as a reminder to all of us that we need to work hard to maintain our current areas of excellence and constantly grow new ones. Thus, there are links to the latest stories on Excellent Faculty, Excellent Research, Excellent Students, and Excellent Alumni. In addition, there is a link to the News Archives, where you can find all the news about the college, going back many months. There’s a link to the latest bimonthly email Points of Pride Newsletter to alumni, along with an archives of those newsletters. And, finally, you can find a link to the latest Annual Report. In essence, the ACE webpage takes our excellence and gives it a home.