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Equipment and Office Hours



  • Wacom Tablets: The Wacom tablet connects to your computer through USB and provides a second screen you can place flat on your desk as a pad of paper, where you can annotate your slides or anything showing on your screen, as well as draw or write any notes you would write on the board in the classroom.
  • Tablet computers, such as an iPad or the Surface Pro, will allow you to do the same thing as the Wacom Tablet directly on the screen of your computer.
  • Document Cameras: With a document camera connected to your computer through USB, you will be able to show on the screen anything that you put under it. It is great if you want to show mechanical parts, or if you want to simply write your notes on a piece of paper as you explain them.
    • One document camera will be available at COE for faculty use soon

Office Hours

Scheduled Office Hours

  • Schedule a recurring Meeting on Zoom during your regular office hours
    • Through your course Moodle link to Zoom. 
    • Or directly from your Zoom account at
  • In the meeting description you may want to add: One-on-one Zoom office hours. Students will join a waiting room and be called into the meeting when their turn comes.
  • When creating the meeting, make sure to Enable waiting room and Enable join before host.
    • Every time a student clicks on the link to join the office hours, the meeting host (instructor or TA) hears a ding and sees their name pop up; the host can allow the student into the meeting when ready, on a first-come-first-served basis, by clicking on their names. You can see all the names of students waiting by clicking Manage Participants on the middle bottom of the Zoom window. The student waits in the waiting room, just like waiting outside your office during regular office hours. 
  • If you schedule the meeting through the Moodle link to Zoom, the students will see the link there and can join directly from there.
  • If you schedule the meeting from your personal account (, scroll down; you will see a web link such as
    • Send this link to students or copy invitation by clicking the Copy invitation link to the right of the web link.

Ad-Hoc Student Meetings

We can easily go on one-on-one Zoom sessions with students as follows:

  • Click on Lecture Videos link you created on your Moodle page to integrate Zoom capabilities
  • Go to the Personal Meeting Room tab on the center right
  • Scroll down; you will see a web link such as
  • Give link to student or copy invitation by clicking the Copy invitation link to the right of the web link.
  • Start this Meeting on the bottom right can be clicked when you are ready.
  • In helping students, Zoom even allows you to control the student’s screen and mouse (upon accepted request) so that you can show them directly how to perform some activities.

Of course, you can always schedule a Zoom meeting directly with students directly if you find it easier.

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