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Research Opportunities

Abdelrahman Lab »

Understanding the movement of molecular adsorbates on a catalyst surface comes in two flavors, enthalpy and entropy...

  • Graduate RA at the PhD level

Biomedical Engineering Lab »

The research will involve surgical procedures in animals, bone mechanical testing, histological analyses, and microcomputed tomography...

  • Graduate RA at the PhD level

Disease Prediction and Prevention Lab »

We develop new simulation-based optimization methodologies for understanding the dynamics of communicable and non-communicable diseases and computational decision-analytic models for analyses of population-level disease prevention and control strategies...

  • Graduate RA at the PhD level

E3 Lab: Engineering, Economics & Environmental Decision Making »

We apply engineering methods to improve decision-making around energy and the environment...

  • Graduate RA at the PhD level

Embedded Security Lab »

The Embedded Security group is a multi-disciplinary team exploring various aspects of the security of smart and connected “things” and their interactions with humans...

  • Graduate RA at the MS or PhD level

Human Performance Lab »

The Human Performance Laboratory (HPL) within the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering conducts research in the intersection of Human Factors and transportation safety...

  • Graduate RA at the PhD level

Kumpel Lab »

The Kumpel Research Group in the Environmental and Water Resources program at UMass Amherst uses interdisciplinary approaches to design and study engineered, environmental, and human systems that provide safe, reliable, and sustainable drinking water and sanitation...

  • Graduate RA at PhD or MS/PhD level  

Perry Lab »

Much of the research done in the Perry Lab is focused on understanding the self-assembly of nature-inspired materials and using these materials to address challenges related to chemistry, medicine, and the environment...

  • Graduate RA at the PhD level

Peyton Lab »

The Peyton lab is a diverse group of engineers and biologists, and our mission is to learn build new biomaterials and use them to study how cells process information from their chemical and physical environment...

  • Graduate RA at the PhD level

Ping Lab »

 We are an energetic lab focusing on development of miniaturized devices and systems based on nanomaterials for biosensing applications...

  • Graduate RA at the PhD level

Reconfigurable Computing Group »

The Reconfigurable Computing Group (RCG) explores the use of computing devices that can change their functionality over time....

  • Graduate RA at the PhD level