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Advising & Registration Information for Electrical and Computer (ECE) Engineering Students

Important Notice: Everyone will have a "service indicator (code-RAC)" on their SPIRE accounts, which prevents enrollment and which can be removed only by meeting with an advisor and turning in a signed Course Selection Form to Ms. Barbara Hastings in Marcus 207. 

Advising Procedure:

Step 1: October 24 - October 30, 2016:   Getting Started - Come to M5 (Marcus Hall, Room 5) to pick up your registration paperwork (a Curriculum Worksheet and a Course Selection Form) which are located directly outside the main door to M5.  You also need to sign up for an appointment with your faculty advisor using UMass Apps.  Your advisor should send you a link for scheduling an appointment calendar. If you do not receive an email, contact Ms. Barbara Hastings (Marcus 207, 545-2441,  for assistance. 

Step 2: Getting ready for your Advising Appointment - Print and review your SPIRE (unofficial) transcript and write each of the grades from your transcript in the appropriate box on your EE or CSE Curriculum Worksheet.  Enter a grade of "TR" for all transfer courses that are listed as being satisfied on your Academic Requirements Report (ARR).  Review your ARR online, but please do not print out the report.  When you have completed all of this, write out a draft of your academic plan for next semester. 

Step 3. October 31 - November 10, 2016:   Meeting with your Advisor - Go to your advising appointment prepared with your partially completed Course Selection Form, a copy of your SPIRE transcript, a completed Curriculum Worksheet and your draft of next semester's academic plan. You and your advisor will finalize your academic plan for Spring 2017, and you will both sign the Course Selection Form.  If you need to change the agreed upon academic plan later (e.g., because you failed to meet a minimum grade requirement in one of your classes this semester), you must first consult with your advisor.  Also if you go to your appointment unprepared, don't be surprised if your advisor asks you to reschedule your appointment.

Step 4. After your Advising Appointment  - Return the signed Course Selection Form to Ms. Barbara Hastings, Marcus Hall, Room 207.  This is how you will get the RAC service indicator removed from your SPIRE account, which is the ONLY way you will be able to preregister for Spring classes.  In the event that Ms. Hastings is unavailable, please see Professor Leonard in Marcus 8B.

Step 5. After your SPIRE Access Period Begins - Sign up for Spring 2017 classes beginning on the date and time shown on your Student Center page on SPIRE.

Requirements for Admission to either the CSE or EE Major: In order for an undergraduate to be admitted to the CSE or EE major, the student must:  (1) be in good academic standing, and (2)  have earned a C or better in each of the following six courses:

ENGIN 112 (Engin 110, 111 or 113 are also acceptable*); ECE 122**; PHYSICS 151; MATH 131; MATH 132; and ENGLWRIT 112.

*A course in Digital Systems is a degree requirement for EE and CSE majors. If you are entering the major with ENGIN 110, 111 or 113, then you should take ECE 221 as soon as possible. Either ENGIN112 (Fall 2014 or earlier) or ECE 221 (Fall 2015 or later) is a prerequisite for ECE 232.

** For students who entered PR-ENGIN before September 2016, the requirement is COMPSCI 121 instead of ECE 122.  If you entered PR-ENGIN in September 2016 or later, and you have credit for COMPSCI 121, please contact Prof. Leonard (

Note: A grade of C- in any of the courses listed above is insufficient for admission to the EE or CSE major and must be repeated.