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Admission to the Major (current UMass students)

To Change Your Major to Engineering:

  1. Read through the information below carefully.
  2. Look at our website to determine which major interests you.
  3. Attend an information session.
  4. Meet with an advisor (after completing the steps above).
  5. Fill out Change of Major Form only after meeting ALL criteria, including published grades in SPIRE.


Current students who wish to change their major to Engineering should attend an information session before scheduling an individual advising appointment. Although it is not advised, you can request to change your major without attending a meeting. For more information please call the Engineering Office of Student Affairs (413) 545-2035

  • There are no more information sessions scheduled for spring 2018.
    • Wednesday September 5, BME CEE MIE IE (attend to request Intro course enrollment and receive advising)
    • Thursday September 6, EE, CompE, ChE (attend to request Intro course enrollment and receive advising)
    • Tuesday October 30, BME CEE MIE IE (pre-registration advising for spring courses)
    • Thursday November 1, EE, Comp E, ChE (pre-registration advising for spring courses)

Criteria for on-campus change of major:

Students in other majors on campus must meet the following criteria to be eligible to enter the College of Engineering as a PR-ENGIN major:

  • Academic good standing
  • GPA of 2.0 or better
  • C or better in Math 131, EnglWr 112 and either Chem 111 or Physics 151

You must apply and be admitted to the College no later than your fourth semester at the University. Use a Change of Major Form only upon meeting eligibility criteria above.

Change of majors are processed at the end of each semester, after grades have been finalized by the Registrar’s Office.


Engineering Course Override Request

BEFORE FILLING OUT THIS FORM: Check course restrictions on SPIRE to be certain you need an override.

The online Course Override Request form is CLOSED for Fall 2018 courses.

After April 12, 2018 students should contact the Engineering Department overseeing the desired course to request an override:

  • Chemical Engineering: Tami Paluca (
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering: Jodi Ozdarski (
  • Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering: Fill out the ECE override request form
  • Mechanical and Industrial Engineering: Dorothy Adams (
  • Biomedical Engineering: for ECE 122 please fill out the ECE override request form linked above. Comp Sci 121, the alternative course, is managed by the College of Information and Computer Science and may be available in SPIRE. BME 210 (297B in SPIRE) and BME 230 are currently managed by Dorothy Adams (
  • Engineering 197E/100 (general Intro to Engineering course): Alicia Clemente will take requests.

Please Note: an override will not enable you to enroll in the course via SPIRE. Rather, it is a request for the College or Department to enroll you into the course.


I am a PR-ENGIN. How do I get into my engineering major?

Each engineering department has specific criteria for admission. PR-ENGIN student records are audited twice a year, and are automatically transferred to the major upon achieving these criteria:

Chemical Engineering

Cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better AND a passing grade in all of the following:

  • Math 131
  • Math 132
  • Chem 111**
  • Chem 112**
  • Physics 151*
  • Engin 110 (or Engin 111, 112 or 113)
  • Chem-Eng 120
  • EnglWr 112

Civil Engineering

Cumulative GPA of 2.0 AND C or better in all of the following:

  • Math 131
  • Chem 111**
  • EnglWr 112
  • Engin 111 (or Engin 110, 112 or 113)

Electrical or Computer Engineering

Cumulative GPA of 2.0 AND C or better in all of the following:

  • Math 131
  • Math 132
  • EnglWr 112
  • Physics 151*
  • Engin 112 (or Engin 110, 111, or 113)
  • ECE 122 (students entering UMass fall 2016 or later) or CMPSCI 121 (students entering UMass before fall 2016)

Mechanical or Industrial Engineering

Cumulative GPA of 2.0 AND C or better in all of the following:

  • Math 131
  • Math 132
  • EnglWr 112
  • Physics 151*
  • Chem 111**
  • Engin 113 (or Engin 110, 111 or 112)
  • M&I-Eng 124 (or Chem-Eng 120 or CE-Engin 121 or CMPSCI 121)

* Physics 151 (4 credits) for students who entered the University after June 2010.
**Chem 111 and Chem 112 may be satisfied by taking the Honors equivalents: Chem 121H and Chem 122H.


  • For majors that require a C or better in the above courses, a C- or lower is not sufficient to satisfy the requirement.
  • Intro to Engineering courses (110, 111, 112, and 113) are interchangeable for admission to majors. For example, if a student takes Engin 110 (Intro to Chemical Engineering) and then decides to major in Civil Engineering, he/she does not need to take Engin 111.


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