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Advising and Registration Information for Biomedical Engineering (BME) Majors

Fall 2019 Registration Notes

Summary of Steps

1. Schedule an advising appointment via an advisor provided link (beginning March 7-8)
2. Review your ARR & complete CSF, available in Marston 128
3. Bring completed CSF and ARR to advisor meeting
4. Meet with your advisor (March 18 - April 5)
5. Deliver signed CSF to Natalia Kolk, Marston 128A
6. Enroll in classes once your enrollment appointment opens (beginning April 1)

Required Registration Process

Pre-Registration Advising is mandatory for undergraduates in the BME major to enroll in courses on SPIRE for next semester. See SPIRE to determine when your enrollment appointment opens. Students must meet with an advisor before they can enroll as advising holds will need to be lifted prior to class registration. Additionally, if you fail to meet with an advisor during the dates listed in #4 above, you are not guaranteed a seat in the class(es) you need.

The BME Pre-Registration Process will be slightly different depending on your current academic plan (BME major, PRE-Engineering major pursuing the BME Plan, or First Year Student PRE-Engineering major pursuing the BME Plan):

  • BME Major: please meet with Natalia Kolk in Marston 128A. You should be receiving an e-mail from your advisor on March 7th or 8th  asking you to sign-up for an appointment; if you do not please contact an advisor.
  • BME PRE-Engineering (excluding First Year Students): please meet Natalia Kolk in Marston 128A. You should be receiving an e-mail from your advisor on March 7th or 8th asking you to sign-up for an appointment; if you do not, please contact an advisor. Note: if you fall into this category, you are not yet in the BME major and need to complete a change in major form.
  • PRE-Engineering First Year Students:  please attend one of the  “Pre-Registration Night” session hosted by Gina Georgadarellis in Marston 128.  You should be receiving an email on March 7th or 8th asking you to sign up for a group appointment; if you do not, please contact an advisor.    During this meeting, you will discuss SPIRE navigation, review your Academic Requirement Report (ARR), and review the BME curriculum.  After this meeting you will have a completed curriculum flow chart, a copy of the Course Selection Form (CSF), and your hold removed so you can enroll in classes when your appointment opens.  If you fail to attend "Pre-Registration Night", you will be unable to register and not guaranteed a seat in the class(es) you need. 

Advisor Contact Info:  Natalia Kolk, 128A Marston,
                                      Gina Georgadarellis, 128 Marston,

Academic Requirements Report (ARR)

This report is used for graduation clearance. Each student should check their ARR on SPIRE and see Natalia Kolk (Marston 128A)  if there are any errors or omissions, particularly regarding transfer credits, AP credits, elective courses, and GenEd courses. Please bring a printed copy (PDF) of your ARR from SPIRE to your advising meeting.

Course Selection Form (CSF)

The CSF is available for students to pick up in Marston 128. The CSFs will be located in a hanging basket on the wall, to the immediate right when you enter Marston 128. A completed and signed CSF is needed in order to remove the Pre-Registration Hold on SPIRE. Before meeting with an advisor, you must fill out your information, the classes you are taking this semester, and the classes you would like to take next semester. If you are unsure what you need to take next semester, please fill out what you can. NOTE: only use a blue or black pen when filling out the CSF.

The CSFs are located in the hanging basket in Marston 128.

Figure 1: The CSFs are located in the hanging basket in Marston 128.

Scheduling an Appointment

On March 7th or 8th, you will receive an email from your advisor (Figure 2).

Figure 2: Your advisor will send you an email like this containing your appointment link.

In order to make an appointment, please click on the appointment link provided in the email, select a time that works with your schedule, and click Save Figure 3).

Figure 3: Once you click “Schedule an Appointment,” pick a time that works for you.

You will receive an email confirming the appointment time and details. NOTE: please schedule your appointment at least 24 hours before you meet with your advisor. If you do not, your appointment may be cancelled.