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Mentoring Program

Connect for Success!

The Mentoring Program at the Diversity Program Office and the College of Engineering is committed to inspire students to pursue and reach their potential in engineering. The Mentor/Mentee program is designed to support you in your academic program.

How does it work? We pair upper tier students to meet and work with a freshman or sophomore engineering student one hour a week. The discussion can be on test taking or study skills, or any topic that provides support for academic and career goals.

The Mentoring Program enables opportunities to interact and learn from each other.  It builds networks with your peers and future alumni. Don’t go it alone! Share your experiences, your success stories, your time management skills with your peers.

The DPO office asks that the Mentor commit to one hour a week to meet with their mentee. This can be a combination of in-person meetings, phone calls, or emails. We ask that you complete a mid-semester survey and an end of year evaluation. The DPO has a spring event that recognizes all the mentor/mentee pairs for their team and leadership skills.

The mentoring will be in two tiers:

  • Tier One — Freshmen and sophomores matched with juniors and seniors.
  • Tier two — Juniors and seniors matched with alumni in graduate school or industry.

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