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Fall 2022 Advising and Registration Information for ME, IE students

Download detailed registration notes [pdf] »

Summary of Steps (see below for details):

  1. Schedule an advising appointment
  2. Review your Academic Requirements Report (ARR) on SPIRE
  3. Complete a fillable Course Selection Form (CSF)
  4. E-mail your ARR and CSF to your advisor at least 24 hours before your appointment
  5. Meet with your advisor in-person or via Zoom (March 28 – April 22)
  6. Enroll in classes once your enrollment appointment opens (beginning April 11 for seniors)
  7. Make-up advising (May 5)

Required Registration Process

See SPIRE to determine when your enrollment appointment opens. Students must meet with an advisor before they can enroll in fall classes. ME seniors (1 or 2 semesters remaining not including the current semester), IE, and ENGIN-IE students meet with their faculty advisor as shown on SPIRE. All other ME and ENGIN-ME students should meet with Graduate Student Advisors Grace Kromah-Saydee, (non-transfer students with last names starting with A-G), Camille Coutant,, (non-transfer students with last names starting with H-O), or Paul Hirsh,, (non-transfer students with last names starting with P-Z). You should be receiving a Navigate (or e-mail) appointment invitation from your respective faculty or graduate student advisor shortly asking you to sign-up for an appointment; if you do not, please contact them after October 20. Post graduate, non senior transfer, and study-abroad students will meet with the MIE Chief Undergraduate Advisor (CUA) Dr. Bernd F. Schliemann, For make-up advising and general advising questions as well as ARR and other issues will be addressed by the MIE Academic Advisor, Kevin Romani,

Admission to the Major

To be admitted to the ME or IE major, a student must complete, with a grade of C or better, the following courses: Math 131 and Math 132, Engineering 100, or any of the following: Engineering 100, 110-114; ECE 122, CS 121, or M&I-ENG 124; Physics 151; and either Chemistry 111 or Physics 152. A cumulative grade point average of 2.0 and the most recent semester GPA of 2.0 are also required. NOTE: transfer students from on- or off-campus who have not completed the Introduction to Engineering course (100, 110-114) should contact the CUA to take a substitute course as the Introduction to Engineering courses are not recommended for other than first-year students.

Curriculum Planning

Advisors offer assistance, but they do not plan the student’s course of study. Curriculum worksheets are only guides as not all required courses are offered every semester. Please inform the MIE Academic Advisor now about any problems that arise from anticipated course offerings. NOTE: please see the included time scheduling grid on the last page of this document if you are planning your schedule before classes are available in SPIRE (usually a week before registration begins).

Academic Requirements Report

This report is used for graduation clearance. Each student should check their Academic Requirements Report (ARR) on SPIRE and contact the MIE Academic Advisor if there are any errors or omissions, particularly regarding transfer credits, AP credits, elective courses, and GenEd courses. Graduating seniors should check their SPIRE Graduation Date and Academic Requirements Report to verify that all degree requirements will be satisfied.

Download detailed registration notes [pdf] »