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Deans Diversity Equity Inclusion Curriculum Challenge

The Dean’s Curriculum Challenge continues!

Inclusive Design in Engineering
Racial Justice in Engineering

This year we're excited to announce an additional theme for the Dean's Curriculum Challenge! 

There are three Dean's Curriculum Challenge themes that all faculty and graduate student instructors are welcome to submit to:

  • Racial Justice in Engineering,
  • Inclusive Design in Engineering, and/or
  • Equitable Sustainability

We welcome all types of submissions, including updates of previous lesson plans, full lesson plans, or rough ideas; plans related to assignments, lectures, or projects; or reflections on how what you have already tried worked. In other words, we welcome everything you are try8ing. Submissions by graduate students are also welcome. 

Our goal is for students to gain exposure to the connections between diversity, equity, and inclusion and the practice of engineering throughout their undergraduate experience. Our hope is that every faculty member in the College of Engineering will incorporate these ideas in at least one class, assignment, or project of each class they teach.

Submit hereYou can see all previously submitted lesson plans here.

For Fall 2022 we have no set deadlines or reviews planned unless you specifically ask for assistance. We have added new questions to the submission form so that you may let us know how to best support your efforts. 

We will share information about the plans submitted midway and at the end of the semester to celebrator the contributors and contributions.

Please contact Paula Rees with any questions. 

Highlights & Updates

Updated through August, 2022

Over three semesters, the Dean's Curriculum Challenge has inspired 46 faculty members (33%) and 3 graduate students to submit 75 lesson plans impacting 58 classes throughout the COE, some with several lessons. A broad mix of faculty have participated, including across level (lecturer, assistant, associate, and full professors), gender, and ethnicity. A paper on the Curriculum Challenge was presented at the ASEE conference in June 2022. We encourage faculty to present papers and talks about the lesson they have submitted.

Rees, P., Civjan, S.A., Baker, E., Mchenga, P., Wharton, H., Change, S., Thornton, J.E., Ciemny, L.M., Uddin, E.A., Wojda, S., Roberts, S., Burleson, W.Pl, Tooker, N., 2022. "Dean's Racial Justice Curriculum Challenge (WIP)". Paper ID 37123. ASEE Annual Conference 2022 - Excellence Through Diversity. Minneapolois, MN.