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After-Hours Student Access

The Community, Equity and Inclusion (CEI) Hub doors will automatically lock at 8 pm Monday – Thursday and unlock at 6 am Monday through Friday. It will lock at 6 pm Friday evening and remain locked until Monday.  After-hours access is available for qualifying students via their UCard (starting spring semester 2019). 

The Engineering Graduate Hub is accessible via UCard only.

Control of the access list will be maintained by the staff of the Assistant Dean for Diversity. The following guidelines are currently in place:

  • Engineering Graduate Hub
    • Automatic for all master’s students in the College of Engineering
    • Other students may request access via an online form and subsequent departmental approval.
    • Off-cycle access requests will be accepted through an online form, and updates run on the ~15th of each month.
    • Access will automatically expire on September 15th of the subsequent fall, regardless of when during the AY access is granted.
    • Questions or concerns regarding access should be directed to Be sure to include your department and Spire ID.
  • Community, Equity and Inclusion Hub
    • Automatic: The president of all student engineering societies that have provided e-board information to Assistant Dean Rees will automatically be given access.
    • Other students may request access via an online form
    • New access requests will be processed on the ~15th of every month.
    • Access will automatically expire May 15th for anyone added 8/15 - 4/15 during the academic year and August 31st for anyone added 5/15 - 7/15.

The College reserves the right to rescind access with just cause, including but not limited to: graduation from the College, failure to follow guidelines for use, and behavior detrimental to the broader community.