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Graduate Hub


The Engineering Graduate Hub serves as a reserved place for our growing population of master’s students.  It included assigned lockers, workstations and computers.  Access and use is limited to master’s students who do not have assigned desks/office space in other parts of the college.

Guidelines for Use

Cameras are in use in the room.  Any violation of the guidelines below may result in loss of privilege to utilize room for remainder of semester.

  • Only limited supervision of the Hub is feasible. As such the College is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • If food/drink has been brought into the room, you are responsible for wiping down the table and disposing of trash.  Cleaners and paper towels will be available in conference room cabinets
  • Space may not be occupied long term. Students are expected to remove all personal items from the space when they leave for more than 15 minutes.
  • Tables and chairs should be returned to their original position and pushed in neatly when done using.
  • Computers are available only to master’s students; questions should be directed to the ECS Office in Marcus 100; email or call at 413-545-1580
  • No food in lockers
  • Purposeful damage to the room, tables, chairs, carpet or equipment may result in replacement and/or cleaning fees charged to responsible individuals in accordance with university policies and procedures.

Assigned Lockers for Graduate Students

  • There are 332 lockers available in the Engineering Graduate Hub for non-funded master’s students. Funded master’s students, PhD students and undergraduates are currently not eligible for lockers, however they may place requests with their departments.
  • Departments will assign lockers to students each semester. Students should see the following staff members for assistance:
    • ECE: Barbara Barnett, Marcus 201
    • CHE: Marie Wallace, 159E Goessmann
    • BME: Jennifer Pease, Marston 128
    • CEE: Jodi Odarski, Marston 226
    • MIE: Kevin Romani, ELab 208F
  • Continuing students can expect to receive the same locker, but must clean out after each semester.
  • Students will be emailed their locker assignment and preprogrammed access code by their department.
  • At the end of each semester, there will be a 1-week to 2-week period - to be posted - when all personal items must be removed from the locker for inspection and cleaning. If items are not removed prior to this period, they will be removed and kept for 30 days. Unclaimed items will be discarded or donated.