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Seminar: Dr. Bibhu Mohanty

"Outdoor Wire Mesh Networks Technology Landscape and Challenges"


Thursday, October 18, 2018 - 4:00pm


Dr. Bibhu Mohanty VP, Engineering Wireless Research Division, Qualcomm


Marston 132


Abstract: With explosion of data demands worldwide and new data hungry applications, it has become essential to find efficient ways to deliver data to the end user. This has led to new access technologies in cellular (5G) and Wi-Fi (802.11ax), which use high density of Access Points to get closer to the user; however, there is need for efficient and cost effective backhauls to complement the access technologies. This has led the wireless industry to focus on a broad spectrum of backhaul technologies that is suited to different user demographics, demands and the current state of infrastructure in various geographies. We will examine mmWave technologies that are being considered for outdoor wireless mesh backhauls, and the challenges in deploying such a network.

Bio: Bibhu Mohanty, VP, Engineering at the Wireless Research Division of Qualcomm, received his Ph.D in Electrical and Computer Engineering from UMASS, Amherst in 1993. Since then, he has been at the Wireless Research Division of Qualcomm at the San Diego Head Quarters. He first worked on the design of CDMA Cellular Base Station architecture, protocols, and algorithms that contributed to the worldwide cellular revolution. Subsequently, he worked on the system design and performance evaluation of EV-DO technology and QoS architecture for cellular data networks. He led the engineering effort in Qualcomm for UMTS HSPA+ evolution leading to the standardization and deployment of 3G data networks worldwide. Currently, he is the product engineer for Wi-Fi R&D activities in Qualcomm that cover development of technology in IEEE and Wi-Fi Alliance, end to end system solutions for home networks (EasyMesh), outdoor/public networks and next generation applications such as VR/AR over Wi-Fi. He holds 76 US Granted Patents and several publications in the above areas.