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Incident Reporting

Reporting incidents impacting sense of belonging and climate

If any incident occurs, large or small, we encourage you to report it to all relevant offices at UMass. These incidents need to be known at the University, College, and Department levels to ensure that the correct actions are taken without delay. While UMass offices share information, widely reported an incident ensures that everyone who needs to take action will be notified. We want to ensure that everyone feels safe when reporting incidents, so all reports can be made anonymously. If you are comfortable sharing your name or contact information that can be very helpful when ensuring appropriate resolution.

Questions of where/how to report? Reach out to Assistant Dean Dr. Paula Rees for support in identifying the best path— or 413.545.6324


For reporting to UMass see the Climate Incident Report Form | Office of Equity and Inclusion which also has contacts for reporting to other resources Reporting Options (Campus Police, witness hotline, Sexual Assault and Sexual harassment, MA Attorney General Hotline).


If an incident is specific to the College of Engineering, or you have thoughts on how to improve climate within the College, submit comments and suggestions at these links (anonymously or with contact information). If reported at this level, Assistant Dean Rees will notify other relevant parties at the campus and department levels as appropriate.


If the incident is specific to your Department, to ensure that your Department is aware of the issue, or to provide suggestions and comments for your Department DEI Committee, please submit comments and suggestion at these links (anonymously or with contact information) or directly to committee members as noted:

BME - Please reach out to a committee member

ChE - Please reach out to a committee member

CEE - Complete the anonymous form or reach out to a committee member

ECE- Please complete the anonymous form (scroll down to feedback link) or reach out to committee member

MIE- Please complete either the college or campus level forms. The link for reporting on the MIE page will take you to the campus level form.