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Bardin Co-authors Nature Paper Ranked Number 12 of Top 100 Published in 2019

Joseph Bardin

Joseph Bardin

A paper published in the prestigious journal Nature in October and co-authored by Associate Professor Joseph Bardin of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department is ranked Number 12 in the annual Altmetric Top 100 highlights of research published in 2019. The list includes research papers that have generated outstanding international online attention and discussion. Altmetric tracks and analyzes the online activity associated with scholarly research.

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According to the News Office story, Bardin is a member of the multi-disciplinary research team that published the Nature paper, according to which Google, using a quantum computer, has made a significant breakthrough by performing a task not possible with traditional computers.

In the paper, scientists at Google’s research laboratory in Santa Barbara, California, say they have reached a milestone they call “quantum supremacy” by performing a mathematical calculation in three minutes and 20 seconds that today’s largest supercomputers could not complete in less than 10,000 years.

The paper, which has more than 70 authors, received national news coverage and generated 375 news stories and more than 6,000 tweets, according to Altmetric.  
Among many other honors, Bardin has earned an Office of Naval Research Young Investigator Program Award in 2015, a 2014 National Science Foundation CAREER Award, and a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Young Faculty Award in 2011.

Bardin, who has been on leave at Google in California, says he works with the team on integrated circuit control and measurement electronics. (January 2020)