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ECE Grad Student Wins Best Poster and Paper Awards

Pritish Narayanan, a graduate student working with Professor Andras Moritz in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, won the Outstanding Poster Award at the FENA/MSD Annual Review at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in May. Narayanan’s poster was entitled “Integration of Cross-wire NASIC Systems – Crosscutting Issues.” The research described in Narayanan’s award-winning poster is being carried out by himself, Professor Moritz, Pavan Panchapakeshan, Santosh Khasanvis, and Mostafizur Rahman. The poster describes the group’s work on new types of computing systems based on novel nanomaterials such as semiconductor nanowires and graphene.

It also discusses current efforts pursued at the UMass Center for Hierarchical Manufacturing (CHM) Nanotechnology Cleanroom towards fabrication of such nanowire-based systems.

Narayanan earned the Best Student Paper Award at an earlier conference, the IEEE International Symposium on Defect and Fault Tolerance in VLSI Systems (DFT), 2010. The winning paper was entitled "Parameter Variability in Nanoscale Fabrics: Bottom-up Integrated Exploration" and was a collaborative effort between the research groups of Professor Moritz and Professor Chi On Chui at UCLA. Its co-authors include Dr. Moritz and ECE graduate students Michael Leuchtenburg, Prachi Joshi, and Panchapakeshan.

FENA, the Center on Functional Engineered and Nano Architectonics, aims to discover new nanoelectronics materials and physical processes of devices that enable extensible information processing systems with enhanced functionality and to create new applications for the semiconductor and defense industries. (June 2011)