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If You Text, Don’t Drive

An article in the May issue of Industrial Engineer Magazine, the magazine of the Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE), covered the research of Matthew Romoser, a senior research assistant in the Human Performance Laboratory. The article was entitled “Don’t text, or drink, behind the wheel.” Romoser’s statistics indicate that texting while driving increases your chances of crashing by at least 20 times over driving without such a distraction, while driving while cell-phoning ups your chances of an accident by four to six times. “You could make the argument that texting while driving makes you more dangerous than intoxicated driving,” said Romoser. Read the Article: Don't text.

The lab has been researching the human factor in driving since the $750,000 simulator was installed in 1995, and, among many other activities, trains drivers to concentrate on their driving and avoid hazards.

In the article Romoser also debunked the concept of “multitasking” behind the wheel. “You don’t really multitask,” he said. “You just switch your attention from one thing to another.”

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