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Echo 360 and Camtasia


Echo 360

Another option for recording your lectures is the Echo360 Lecture Capture software. You may be familiar with Echo 360 Lecture Capture in the classroom. You can also do this in your personal computers. This is the lecture recording option recommended by the Instructional Media Lab.


  • Lectures get uploaded to your personal Echo360 library, which students can then access through Moodle
  • Everything is done locally at your computer before you upload to the library, so you would not have any issues with internet disruptions
  • The videos can be saved as mp4 files to download to your computer, which allows you to potentially edit them with your favorite software (e.g. Microsoft Photos, Movie Maker, iMovie). More Info »


  • Video editing within the Echo 360 platform is very basic.
    • No comparison to Movie Maker or iMovie

Steps to get going with Echo 360 Personal Lecture Capture:

  1. Request an Echo360 course on Spire, under the Faculty Home list of options. 
    • This creates a library of videos for your course in their system that can then be linked to Moodle
  2. Download the Echo360 Personal Capture software »
  3. Record your lectures using it and upload to the library you created.
  4. Add an external resource to Moodle (in the Add Activity or Resource link) and in the preconfigured tool menu on the page that comes up select the link to the Echo360ALP.


You can also create videos of your voice over whatever is shown on your computer screen through Camtasia and then host the videos in Echo360.

  • Advantage: Lots of editing options for the videos
  • Disadvantage: It does not record video of the instructor at the same time

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