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Integrate Zoom with your Moodle Course Page

  1. Create Link from Moodle to Zoom:
    • In Moodle, click the Add Activity or Resource link in the section where you want the videos to appear 
    • Add an External Tool (7th on the list and click Add at the bottom of the pop-up window) 
    • On the page that comes up, give your desired name (say Lecture Videos) and in the preconfigured tool menu select Zoom Video Conferencing
    • In Privacy menu unclick the Accept grades item since this is not a graded activity.
    • Save and Return to Course (you may want to hide the link to students until you are ready; this is done by clicking the Edit button below the External Tool icon and clicking on the Hide command)
  2. Record your Lecture:
    • Click on the new Lecture Videos link you just created on your Moodle page.
    • This takes you to a Zoom page where you can Schedule a New Meeting.
      • You schedule the meeting for a certain time but you can always join early at your convenience and get started whenever you want 
        • See the rightmost bright blue Start This Meeting link at the bottom of the page that appears after you Save the scheduled meeting
      • When scheduling the meeting you have the option to enable:
        • Record the meeting automatically. In the meeting you can still stop and restart recording at any time. 
          • Note: You can also just start recording directly after you join the meeting by pressing the Record button at the center bottom of the screen.
        • Mute participants upon entry. Great for streaming live.
        • Enable join before host. Great for streaming live.
      • Once you Save, scroll back up to the blue Course Meetings button under the Zoom heading, then you will be able to see the meeting you just scheduled. Clicking on that link would take you to the zoom meeting.
    • At the meeting time, you click on the meeting link that appears on that same Lecture Videos page to get started with your Zoom meeting. 
    • You can then give your lecture, share your screen and show your video, record it all, stop and start recording as you please during the time scheduled...
      • The video is off by default. If you want the recording to show your computer screen and a video of you talking as a small window on the side, please turn the video on.
        • NOTE: You should try to break your lecture into modules or activities; 10-15 min videos are optimal for online instruction
      • A headset or microphone can help with the audio quality, but it is not needed as long as you have a quiet place to record at.
    • You can end the meeting at any time by clicking the End Meeting button at the bottom right corner of the screen.
    • When you end the meeting, the lecture will be processed and stored in the Zoom cloud
      • Be patient! Processing takes time (up to hours) but we have been assured that the university has upgraded the licenses. We have plenty of storage capacity and all recordings will be processed. Zoom uses Amazon Web Services which adjust to volume in an elastic fashion.
  3. It is ready for students! The Zoom recording will be then accessible to students by clicking the Lecture Videos link you created and on the Cloud Recordings tab that appears there to the right of Personal Meeting Room
  • Students can stream but not download the video
  • Faculty can download the video as an mp4 file. 
    • You can then store the file in your own drive, or upload it onto the Echo360 library.
    • You can edit the video using movie editing software such as Microsoft Photos, Movie Maker, or Apple’s iMovie.

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