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Research Highlights

The Elaine Marieb Center for Nursing and Engineering Innovation at UMass Amherst will hold its first symposium examining up-to-date innovations in the healthcare industry, particularly those created by nurses and engineers in collaborative research. See UMass News Office story. 

A new interdisciplinary graduate program in materials science and engineering is launching this fall. The program offers both M.S. and Ph.D. degrees. See UMass News Office story. 

A research team led by Jun Yao, an assistant professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Department and an adjunct of the Biomedical Engineering Department, has invented integrated nano-electronic sensors capable of simultaneously probing electrical and mechanical cellular responses in cardiac tissue, the most important physiological parameters for assessing tissue state. 

A UMass Amherst team has engineered a biofilm that can generate constant electricity from your skin’s evaporated sweat in order to run wearable electronics. See UMass News Office story. 

Winning paper introduces microwave engineers to quantum computing and explains how their distinctive expertise can enrich this field. 

Ping uses graphene, as thin as a single carbon atom, to make microelectrodes in a microfluidic device “ideal for high-performance electrokinetic analysis.” See UMass News Article. 

CEE researchers will study better ways to retrofit older reinforced buildings so that communities often subjected to earthquakes can return quickly to normal. 

Hari Balasubramanian is working with a coalition in New Jersey to better deliver care to patients facing physical, mental, and socio-economic challenges.